Biological Pond Systems

Cleaning of water in herbal and natural ways without the need for any chemicals is defined as biological purification. Aquatic plants and beneficial organisms in the biological pond form an ecosystem, and this ecosystem feeds on organic substances and microbes that are harmful to human health in the water. Thus, the biological purification process takes place.


Biological ponds are primarily designed for their aesthetic appearance. Their system is different from others. Plants and optionally fishes are placed in this type of pond. These are ecological formations that water is cleaned by plants, bacteria, and planktons in the environment.


It includes water-cleaning surface and underwater plants, reeds, water-compatible trees, piers, decks, stones, rocks, gravels, statues, and fountains making water plays. In other words, it is an exciting and vivid lifeform with a harmonic collection of many natural and architectural elements.


The self-cleaning system of the biological pool is mainly developed for swimming pools. But fountain pools can also be designed as biological pools. In this way, a natural pond is formed. It requires much less maintenance, can clean itself, and has a low operating cost.


Having all the advantages of a biological pool, this pond is literally residential and with clear water of natural appearance and drinking water quality.

Advantages of Biological Ponds


No wastewater in contrast to chemical pools


No loss of water as a result of no backwash


Listening to the soul-refreshing sound of water flowing like a waterfall, the chirp of birds gathering around the water to drink and wash themselves.


Admire an aesthetic garden where the water is present in all seasons, and swim in it at day or night.


Thanks to aquatic plants, which establish a connection between water and the rest of the garden, perfect harmony is provided in the garden.


Ensuring hygiene in all the natural ways.


There is life in the pond area in all seasons.


It creates an ecological environment without chemicals in the pond area.


The pond requires limited water consumption. Because the water is not drained in winter. In summer, some water is added to compensate for natural evaporation.


It requires less maintenance, even if you compare it to grass area maintenance. There's no smell in the water. Aged plants and faded flowers are cleaned two times a year, aquatic plants are pruned and decomposed in autumn and spring.

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