Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

GÖKSU ARITMA produces turnkey solutions including project development, design, manufacturing, and operation for package wastewater treatment systems, reinforced concrete type systems, and urban size treatment systems for domestic type wastewater.

These are the treatment systems that are designed to treat domestic wastewater with biological treatment methods. These are the processes in which activated sludge works with the batch reactor principle, and all the necessary equipment for the plant is included in the package. While designing the facility, minimum area usage, high efficiency, low operating cost, operation maintenance, and ease of operation are prioritized.

Working principle

Biological Package Wastewater Treatment Plants treat domestic wastewater with biological methods. Only aerobic microorganisms are present in the treatment plant and they use oxygen to convert organic substances into carbon dioxide and water. The amount of sludge coming out of the facility is very low and can be used as agricultural fertilizer.
Biological package treatment plants are manufactured in our factory in portable sizes, ready to operate, and only electrical, wastewater inlet and outlet connections are made at the assembly site. Although the facility is usually mounted on a concrete platform above ground, it can optionally be completely buried underground and camouflaged. In this case, only lids are visible above the ground. The facility does not create annoying noise and odor problems and is easy to operate and maintain.
Packaged biological treatment systems meet the discharge standards in the water pollution control regulation. The effluent can be easily given to receiving environments, it can also be used as garden irrigation water, etc.

Biological package treatment plants


Manual screens and automatıc screens


Oil trap


Pumping station


Package treatment plants, aeration and sedimentation


Aeration systems (blower and dıffusers)


Sludge thickeners


Filter press

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Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems Catalog

Reinforced Concrete Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Reinforced Concrete wastewater treatment systems are the standard biological wastewater treatment units for the treatment of domestic or organic-based industrial wastewater of 50 to 10,000 inhabitants or equivalent amount. It can be designed above ground or semi-buried.
Domestic wastewater is biologically treated. Aerobic microorganisms in the system use oxygen to convert organic pollution into water and carbon dioxide. Excess sludge formed in the process can be periodically discharged by sewage trucks several times a year, or it can be sent to disposal by mud drying system according to the capacity of the plant

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