About Us

Since 1990, our company has been a qualified and experienced organization that specializes in environmental protection, water and wastewater technologies. Our Water and Waste Water Analysis Laboratory is furnished with modern equipment and housed with experienced engineers that carry out analyses of water and wastewater characteristics especially for treatment plants yet for establishment, making your project and application to be certainly supported by real and accurate data

Our expert staff performs processes and projects that considers and evaluates your special environments and conditions. We perform essential treatability tests mainly before designing scaled-projects and industrial treatment plants either in our factory – by building pre-industrial pilot plants; or in the place where the plant will be established. Every tests results and output water of the pilot plants are made evident and clearly visible to guarantee that all water and wastewater features and project details are examined right before the application and the plant is built at its chosen site.

We produce the majority of equipment

What truly makes our company distinguished and your number one choice is we manufacture and fabricate the mechanical equipment of water and wastewater treatment of industrial plants after project design phase. With the exclusion of pumps, blowers, and electronic control instruments.

Why Göksu Arıtma ?

We operate, service, and maintain plants we made.

We take the responsibility to use the latest technology in the treatment systems we produce, to follow up the work, to ensure on-time work completion, and to maintain of the continuous control of the system.

After projects are prepared and approved, we perform the production and assembly under the control of our engineers and handover the established system in working condition. 

With our expert engineers and technical personnel, we closely monitor the processes, analyze the water in our laboratory, sufficiently provide mutual information exchange, and we determine the appropriate treatment technology suited for your industry. 

We operate, service, and maintain plants we made.

With years of experience, we are considered and referred as your number one service and product provider.

GÖKSU ARITMA also caters automation and electromechanical manufacturing of systems for your needs.

GÖKSU ARITMA has a laboratory that determines and conduct treatability studies on the characteristics of water and wastewater using our sufficient equipment and specialized personnel. 

GÖKSU ARITMA focuses in providing innovative and pioneering works that use cutting-edge technologies available, working hand in hand with academic institutions that creates impeccable and economical-friendly designs that best suits your specifications. Our company has brought solutions for seawater treatment and anaerobic treatment from abroad with more than 90% of its designs and solutions are from our resources.

GÖKSU ARITMA is one of the limited companies licensed and authorized to develop, manufacture and deliver project designs accredited by The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, provincial Directorates and international license agreements on treatment technologies functioning in collaboration with global specialized companies in the same field.

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