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Wastewater Treatment Plants
Water Treatment Plants
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In our water and wastewater analysis laboratory equipped with modern equipment, water and wastewater analyses are carried out. Before feasibility and design studies of water or wastewater treatment facilities, characteristics are determined by our experienced engineers. Thus, the subsequent project and its application can be based on real data.


It is the process of filtering water as a result of pressure applied to a semi-permeable membrane by water pressure.


The electrical conductivity of water occurs due to minerals dissolved in water. As the concentration of minerals increases, the electrical conductivity of ...


Cleaning of water in herbal and natural ways without the need for any chemicals is defined as biological purification.

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Sustainable in water and

We work on project, engineering, consultancy, sales, turnkey contracting, and after-sales services for water treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems, recycling systems, pumping station, and environmental technology solutions at home and abroad.

What Does Your Drinking Water Treatment Plant Need?

Here you can find the equipment, chemicals, spare parts, and technical services needed by your existing treatment devices or facilities.


Cartridge filters, Antiscalant
Bacteria filters, drinking water chlorine

We produce your Water Treatment Plant for you

Cartridge filters, Antiscalant
Bacteria filters, drinking water chlorine, tablets

Periodic Maintenance

Cartridge filters, Antiscalant
Bacteria filters, drinking water chlorine

Chemicals and consumables

Cartridge filters, Antiscalant
Bacteria filters, drinking water chlorine

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Expert In Water Treatment

We build facilities that produce sanitary water that you can drink safely and systems that produce water for your business needs.

Package Drinking Water Treatment

Water treatment plants for a province, district, and rural district. Water treatment devices for your business and home.

Water softening and purification

Process water treatment for enterprises and factories.

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Focus on your own business, leave your water management to us ... 

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