Package Water Treatment Systems

Package compact treatment units are usually used to obtain clean drinking and potable water from surface and sometimes groundwater. Package water treatment systems are fully automatic facilities that do not need human intervention. They can also be operated or controlled by remote access on request. The units consist of container type clarifiers, sand filter tanks, and chemical preparation & dosing units. Container type decontamination tank has coagulation, flocculation, clarifier, and intermediate storage sections. In addition to these units, it is located in a mobile control room with chemical storage tanks, dosing pumps, and a control panel.

- The cost of the initial investment of the facility is low.
- It needs a much smaller space than conventional systems.
- It works fully automatically without the need for human intervention.
- Operating costs and energy consumption are low.
- Cleans filter beds with low water consumption in regenerations.
- The units are resistant to corrosion in all aspects.
- It is manufactured with the latest technology and microprocessor controlled. 

It performs system regeneration fully automatically with time and flow control with the help of its microprocessor. During the regeneration process, backwash, standby, and rapid rinsing periods occur spontaneously without the need for human intervention.

GÖKSU ARITMA Activated Carbon Filters


It has a working pressure of 1-6 bar.


It can be designed as Simplex or duplex, and the duplex series can be run in tandem or optionally in parallel.


All our filters are commanded by the control valves, which are;
a) time-controlled
b) volumetric controlled 


Our filters are available with a standard production flow rate of 0.7 – 115 m3/hour. We have also versions with a special production flow rate of over 115 m3/hour.


The surfaces in contact with water and air have excellent corrosion resistance, and the bodies of the filters are made of fiberglass reinforced polyethylene (FRP) or metal body. Hydraulic control valves are made of PVC doped noryl.


Our filters have programmable digital fully automatic control valves that operate with diaphragm operating valve technique.


It is the purification of water from dissolved and suspended substances from a special semi-permeable filter by reverse operation of the principle of osmosis. Before water comes from the membrane, it is passed through a coarse filter, then precision filters, and then activated carbon filters. Pre-treatment before the membrane is very important. Otherwise, the very sensitive membranes will be blocked in a short time and will cause the device to fail to function.

The best available way to produce pure water through a physical system (without using chemical products) is to purify water using the principle of osmosis. 


Water exerts pressure on a semi-permeable membrane; some of the water passes through the pores of the membrane (treated water), while the rest is drained (wastewater). Spare parts related to these devices produced for homes and small settlements are constantly available in our stock, and technical services related to the device are provided.

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