Swimming Pool Systems

GÖKSU ARITMA generally produces ‘turnkey’ solutions in swimming pool systems. It has been serving on pool systems, environmental protection and treatment technologies projects, applications, and operations In Turkey and abroad since 1990. Swimming pools are planned and implemented according to their design and usage characteristics by our expert staff.

Increased quality of life, people's desire for entertainment and recreation, and the difficulty of getting to the seaside during holidays have led to an increase in the number of swimming pools. The improper use of swimming pools creates problems for most of the pools. We design our projects to protect people from diseases that may occur if the quality of pool water is not suitable. Our studies are carried out to control the pool water, which in a crowd of people swim, determine the technical and hygienic conditions of the environment, and ensure the continuation of the appropriate state following the study prepared by the Ministry of Health. Our company, which is responsible for solving problems related to the safety and hygiene of swimming pools, regularly checks the pool water features in its private analysis laboratories.

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